Vol 6 No 51
December 18th, 2011
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Merry Christmas from LegalizeFerrets.0rg
 Don't be Caught New Year's Day Without Your 2012 Legalize Ferrets Calendar!
Featured vet - Dr Gregg Haskell, Adobe Pet Hospital
Dr Tom Greek is our February vet
Marilyn Koksi, DVM is our March vet
Dr Corey Thompson is our April vet.
Rebecca S Gives Fish and Game Commission an Emotional Appeal
Last Thursday, December 15th Rebecca S represented us during the Public Comments section of the Fish and Game Commission meeting.
Next Fish and Game Commission Meeting:
February 2, 2012
Resources Building
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA
Let’s not just send one person to their future meetings.  Let’s send teams of people.  They need to see lots of unhappy ferret lovers at each and every meeting.  Who’s with me for the next meeting?

Previously Rebecca’s ferrets had been seized.  What did they do?  Bite someone?  Attack an endangered species or livestock?  Nope, they just got in the way of a boy friend and jealous ex-girlfriend.  We know of no other ferrets confiscated for the past two years.  And why do ferret owners get in trouble?  Because ferrets become the pawns in personal disputes.  Utterly tragic on more than one level.
With that background we asked Rebecca to represent us because previously we’ve heard from the Commissioners that no one really cares, and the ban doesn’t really affect normal people (I’m paraphrasing).
Rebecca’s appeal was mostly emotional and pretty much what I was hoping she’d say.  Part of me was hoping she’d say “and it ain’t right!” but that’s because I watch too much TV (tag line of local TV watch dog reporter, who wouldn’t do a story on ferrets.)
What would have been even better was to have asked the Commissioners questions.  Such as “Does this sound right to you?”  Rebecca let them off easily.  Make them squirm, in a polite way, just a little bit.
I am so grateful for Rebecca’s presentation.  Had she not done it our efforts would quickly be forgotten.  And I know she did it under the pain of losing her ferrets, she put her sadness behind her and did something  positive.  A huge thank you.
We will have the presentation up on Youtube easily accessible next week.  In the meantime you can go here then go to Dec 15th and advance to 45:50.
Major Effort to Find a Legislative Sponsor About to Begin
We are about to send out a letter to each of the 80 California Assembly members and 40 State Senators asking each one to introduce a bill in the 2012 legislative session that will legalize ferrets.
The bill has already been written by the California legislative analyst.  It was carefully considered and requires ferrets to be spayed and neutered before purchase, a rabies vaccination at six months of age and a $50 one time licensing fee at the time of purchase to go to local Animal Control agencies.
We have a ferret fact sheet and bill synopsis to send. Major thanks to Debra L of Missouri for compiling the database of legislators,  we can easily to do a mail merge and put the database up on the web to track who among us has written their letters and which legislators respond – and what they say.  Hopefully we can have those letters in the mail right after New Year’s Day.
That’s Not All
The tired, LegalizeFerrets.org website will be redone – we do want to make it shine.  Before I left for vacation I put out a request for bids.  We have an excellent technical web person but we need help laying the site out to get maximum attention and to inspire people.  So far all I’ve done is delete the bids from India – but we’ll find the right person and get a top notch web presence.
New graphics will be here on New Year’s Day for CLIFFNotes.  I’m really excited about that as well.  I also want to upgrade our Facebook presence, which actually is doing really well already.  But Facebook presents so much opportunities for an organization like ours.
In short – we’re going to be turbo-charged in 2012 and get this thing done!
In Conclusion
Odd how things are speeding up for us in the midst of the Holiday Season.  Suddenly there is even more to do.  Who's with me for the great envelope stuffing party in San Diego - perhaps New Year's Day?
Have a Merry Christmas or which ever holiday you celebrate.  I am not a religious person but I see nothing wrong with wishing people a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah.
Please email me photos of your ferrets celebrating which ever holiday for next week's CLIFFNotes which comes out on Christmas day.  Don't except a lot of meat - perhaps just those adorable photos.  Could I have them on Christmas eve so I don't spend Christmas day doing CLIFFNotes?
Pat Wright